Having a desire does not mean having a vision or a mission. The vision is in a way binding. It is a responsibility to all involved in the inevitable future.

Map – trade d.o.o. is a company with a clear mission and 

They are reflected in relation to business partners and employees as well as the environment and the public.

With flexibility, gained experience and investment in equipment and knowledge, we have become one of the leading Slovenian companies in the field of rehabilitation of high-rise buildings and civil engineering structures, especially transport infrastructure.

Our vision ten, fifteen years ago became a path that was obviously successful and right.

We’re continuing with the mission that leads to continuous improvement of technology, strengthening of expertise, achieving constant business results and adding value despite constant market tests, and ensuring successful cooperation with all involved through coordinated management.

Setting business goals that include not only financial returns and a list of confirmed references of satisfied customers, but also show flexibility in decision-making and implementation, upgrade our quality system, raise the level of professionalism to the highest needs of European standards, while not neglecting the environment.

Our path is drawn in several directions.

In the direction of finding market niches in the field of construction and their fulfillment, both in the domestic market and abroad, in the direction of investing in the development of the organization, processes and technologies and a friendly attitude towards natural resources. With the aim of constantly reducing complaints, improving the timeliness and quality of services, achieving competitive prices and satisfactory responses of current and future customers.