Dear Madam/Sir,

there is nothing wrong with being small. You can be great despite or because of it. I am talking about the entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and to seek solutions in an effective way, having a clear vision of the future, promptly responding to the challenges of space and time, and constantly pursuing new opportunities and market niches. Those are the qualities of true greatness that is completely independent from actual size.

The company Map – trade d. o. o. is a small and young business if you judge it by statistical data. We are happy to embrace this definition for we know what it really means. We know that fifteen years from now we will still be a flexible, learning company far from ever becoming rigid. We will still be expanding and gaining expertise and our success and recognition will grow correspondingly.

We are trying to remain small, yet keep on growing both internally and externally. We have a long road ahead of us. With the right people, expert solutions, our great suppliers, ever better equipment, and growing knowledge and experience we simply cannot go wrong.

Matjaž Pečovnik, managing director