It may be strange to traditional ideas of business, but Map - Trade is the product of a love for nature combining mountaineering skills and youthful enthusiasm with a specialist knowledge of construction works. In the eighties, undertaking renovations and anti-corrosion protection of inaccessible structures as well as high buildings was very difficult in Slovenia. Using abseiling and mountaineering techniques, “the mountaineer’s way”, were very rare. A small group of highly skilled and motivated people under the supervision of Matjaž Pečovnik broke the mould, renovating a number of such structures, including high-tension transmission pylons and metal fronted buildings rapidly and economically.

 Since then, Map-trade has spent years gathering experience, purchasing specialist equipment and learning from technical specialists. Map-trade has developed into one of the principle enterprises for renovation at height. Our business has spread throughout Slovenia and internationally with a simple slogan: “We master verticals!”

In a strategic hunt for market targets over the last fifteen years, our firm has evolved from a small craft enterprise into a strong medium-sized company. Besides verticals, we have also mastered other dimensions.


We amplified our portfolio with new high construction challenges such as chimneys, cooling towers, silos, dams and the like. But we have supplemented these ‘traditional’ references with a series of successful renovations of residential and commercial buildings. We offer complete solutions for the renovation of facades, roofs and other elements of construction including upgrading insulation to modern standards. 

During the last ten years we have also successfully increased our range of activities to include renovations of traffic infrastructure such as bridges, viaducts and underpasses. Supported by specialist equipment and the knowledge and skills of our staff we perform renovations of acknowledged high quality on time and within budget. We have also developed a network of efficient and adaptable suppliers with whom we cooperate to ensure a first class service for our clients. 

However we tackle time in other ways also. Its ‘teeth’ have corroded many buildings of historical value over the centuries. With specially developed systems of materials and with the assistance of professional experts we have devised solutions which have enabled us to perform several static renovations of buildings of great value to our cultural inheritance. We are proud to say that we are now one of the biggest firms, specializing in the renovation of high buildings, bridges and viaducts as well as anti-corrosive protection of steel constructions in Central Europe. 

Our staff of 150 highly skilled professionals is specialized in the implementation of the most up to date technological renovation procedures on all concrete and metal structures. 

We are very well equipped for the complete performance of all renovation procedures; from preparation works, rehabilitation of the core, framework and surface elements of the construction being renovated, up to the final protection. Different types of high-pressure pumps with capacities up to 2500 bar, robots and other mechanized devices for demolition works, compressors, equipment for injection works, for dry blasting and wet splashing, equipment for gushing of renovation materials and tools for drilling, grinding and combined works are available in our warehouse at any time. 

Renovation works at height are performed using pipe-scaffolds, hanging-scaffolds and combined constructions as appropriate to enable safe working practice in accordance with national and European legal requirements and standards.