»Quality« is a standard used to measure every project, construction site and employee in the Company. Therefore, it is not surprising that the quality systems are certified with the ISO 9000 series of International Standards. Our understanding of quality of service means satisfying the needs and wishes of our customers as promptly and efficiently as possible.


Map Trade d.o.o. is a Company specialising in the rehabilitation of high concrete facilities, bridges and viaducts and the anti-corrosive protection of steel constructions. All works are performed according to the standard procedures defined by the ISO 9001-2000, which includes the International Standards, the requirements in the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, local legislation and the Company's internal standards.

The goal-targeted policy of the Company comprises the methodologies and the Quality Policy, which we follow in order to achieve an efficient quality system in all fields of our work.


Ensuring long-term success and growth of the Company by continuously improving the quality of our service

Preparing, developing and performing a quality service that will meet the expectations of our customers

Identifying the needs and satisfaction of our customers and establishing competitiveness and comparability in our field of operations

Ensuring the lowest level of risk to the customer by continuously monitoring our processes and introducing preventive measures

Controlling the operating costs with the help of our experiences, knowledge and professionally trained personnel


To encourage active participation in the processes of constant quality improvement by educating and training the employees and maintaining the culture of interpersonal relations

To provide an environment-friendly attitude by ensuring a rational use of materials, energy and raw materials and reducing the harmful emissions and waste

To inform the employees, business partners and general public about the new achievements in the field of performance technology and quality systems

To identify the market niches where the Company could present new professional solutions

The Quality Policy is controlled, and its fitness for the purpose is coordinated with the needs and demands of all participants in the operations. The starting points comprise the orientation in quality, constant verification of the results and improvement of the quality system. These activities are aimed at meeting the expectations and demands of the consumers and the employees. In such a manner, the Company will also improve its public reputation.